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The Blue Angel in the CloudsHot air ballooning over the Gulf Shores - Orange Beach, Alabama area is a wonderful outdoor recreational activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Gently lift off into an adventure where you'll experience the scenic vistas of the Alabama Gulf Coast from a whole new vantage point! Leave your cares on the ground and marvel at the serenity of being close to the clouds. Float over the country side with virtually no sense of motion and the only noise is the occasional hiss of the burner.

Let the balloon, called an aerostat, and the pilot, called an aeronaut, present you with panoramic views of the bays, bayous and beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast, that only a hot air balloon ride can provide. Bring your camera, and lots of film, and take pictures that will provide you with life-long memories. Our Gulf Shores hot air balloon rides make romantic anniversary gifts and are a great adjunct for a special wedding or honeymoon!

Taking Off Hot Air Balloon Co. is your one stop Alabama Gulf Coast hot air balloon headquarters! As well as providing scenic balloon excursions, our tethered hot air balloons can add an exciting dimension to your outside gathering or party, or be a unique advertising vehicle for your company.

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Work anytime, Take Off with Tommy Rachel and crew and enjoy an unforgettable ballooning experience.

Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon rides, see the coast from a view most people never get to experience!



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Choosing the RIGHT Pilot

Testimonial #1:

Well good morning Mr. Rachel,

  "After having had the experience you offered, I have had time to reflect on it.  You were correct in having my wife not surprise me with the experience, a trade to allow me to look forward to it ahead of time.  Good call.  I am, much to my continued surprise actually more excited afterwards after having the experience.  Sue and I found it (your excursion) to be the focal point of much of our conversations over the next several days. 

  I very much appreciate the thought you put into our trip such as lowering us near the tree tops to fully appreciate the feel of flying, same with the farmer’s field.  As an aside, as an engineer I really appreciate how you masterfully kept the altitude in tight bounds when across the field, especially when one understands the latency between control and reaction. 

  Out of all the excellent things that occurred that day, we really appreciate the time you took for us after the flight and the humble ceremony.  These days that kind of attention to detail seems to be found less frequently."


Matt and Sue Bridge
Niceville, Florida


Testimonial #2:

Mr. Rachel,

  "I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for helping make me and my wife's first wedding anniversary very special. By agreeing to fly us on your day off without having ever even met us proves that there are still kind and decent people in this world of ever growing bitterness and selfishness.

  You and your crew were both extremely professional and charming and made the entire experience enjoyable from the very beginning to the very end. I have and will continue to tell all my friends and associates what a joy the excursion was and highly recommend your business and services. The ceremony at the end of the day was quiet interesting and entertaining to say the least. I have to say I never saw that one coming. My wife was trying to remember as much of the history of ballooning story you recited to us as possible. I'm afraid we can't recall it in its entirety as you related it. IF you happen to have it written down or can email it to us so we can put it in our anniversary album we would both be very appreciative.

  I have enclosed hats for you and your crew of the 2nd Infantry Division. Although I am a Paratrooper that was originally with the 1st 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, I did both of my Iraqi tours with Apache Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division Stryker Brigade Combat Team in 06-07 and 09-10, so I thought it appropriate to give you guys something that was representative of who and where I have been while deployed. I know it's not much, but I hope when you look on it you remember us as fondly as we do you guys.

Hope all is well with you and your crew and thank you for everthing."


Cpl Sutton, Kevin B.
A-Co 1st Bat 23rd IN Rgt


Testimonial #3:

This is Chris Stone, my wife and I experienced our first balloon ride with you on our anniversary stay at the Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast the end of October this year (2011).  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the experience was most memorable for Dana and I.  It was by far one of the most breath taking and enjoyable adventures we have taken.  Thank you to you and crew for not only a peaceful and amazing ride, but also for making the experience very personable and treating us to the champagne ceremony.  I will definitely be recommending y'all to anyone and everyone looking for such an experience.

Thank you and War Eagle!
Chris Stone
Toney, Alabama

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